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Sam released his first self-titled EP in 2015 that included jazz standards once covered by the jazz greats with an original twist. Currently he is working on a new EP featuring some new music as well as some jazz standards. Sam won’t stop there though. Every day he is working on new material and looking forward to seeing you out on a gig.


From a very young age, Sam developed a love for the legendary crooners of the big band era such as Frank Sinatra, Nat Cole and Louis Prima. His grandpap would play their tunes on his record player saying Louie Prima and the other masters knew how to end a song with a bang! That idea of musical grandeur resonated with Sam so much he started dreaming of being onstage and singing that timeless music. Nowadays Sam lives in the City of Bridges, where he performs at various clubs, restaurants and wineries.


Sam studied music at several prestigious establishments: Berklee College of Music, New York University, and Carnegie Mellon. He taught private and group voice as an adjunct faculty at NYU.  Currently, Sam works with many students to fine tune their musical ability. If you want to work with Sam, visit our contact page.

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